Euflex Technificent

Are you near the end of your study and would you like to explore the labour market? Are you looking for a student job that is more interesting than working in the local supermarket? Or would you like to have a student job that offers you a sneak peek into what working life has to offer?

EuFlex Technificent bridges the gap between TU/e talent and the labour market. Interested in what we have to offer? Take a look at our vacancies via for student jobs and full-time positions. There is probably something interesting available for you too.

We can use our extensive network to find companies for you where you can develop your talents and knowledge in the best way possible. When we make a ‘match’ we guide you throughout the process. EuFlex Technificent is located in the heart of the TU/e campus in the Luna building so we are very easy to find.

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