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Academic career

The TU/e aims to educate new generations of future proof academic engineers, that is, engineers who are able to make a significant contribution to society ten, twenty or forty years into the future.

The image of engineering is changing. There’s no longer such a thing as ‘the engineer’. This trend offers a glimpse of the enormous breadth technology has developed over the years.

  • On the one hand, engineers are developing technology that approaches the limits of what is physically possible (for instance in lithography).
  • On the other hand, they are working on technology which directly affects the way people think and act.

This implies that altogether different types of engineers are required. Engineers who can be distinguished as to:

  1. disciplinary background: electrical engineering, chemical technology, technical medicine, computer science, architecture or business administration;
  2. the nature of their work: research or design;
  3. their orientation: specialists or generalists.

Examples of profiles are:

  • Researcher - prepares for a research career in academia or industry.
  • Designer - prepares for a career in industrial or civil design.
  • Teacher - prepares for a career as science teacher.
  • Entrepreneur – prepares for a career in business,
  • starting a company or bringing the entrepreneurial
  • mindset to a wider range of businesses.

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